I’m producing films professionally:Himal Kadariya

after the huge commercially success, Producer Himal Kadariya has announced to produce 3 films, named-‘Dukhi Aatma’,’Nango Gaun-2′ & ‘Gaun Nai Ramailo’

Himal Kadariya, Producer
Himal Kadariya, who entered the film industry in 2019 by producing ‘Rato Galbandi’ starring Keki Adhikari and Kosish Kshetri, is a love story of a Bhutanese refugee and is one of the most famous producers today. The second film produced by him, “Nago Gaun” did best at the box office. Producer Himal is excited by the success of the film directed by Dipendra Lama, which was screened on September 15,2023.

Producer Himal, who says that he has adopted film production as a profession, has announced that he will produce new films ‘Dukhi Aatma’ and ‘Nango Gaun-2’ with the director of the same film, Dipendra, after ‘Nango Gaun’. Along with that, he has also announced the production of a film called ‘Gaun Nai Ramailo’ with another famous director Dinesh Raut. Among his announcements, ‘Dukhi Atma’ is ready to go on floors from the 3rd week of April. Dayahang Rai is in the lead role in all three of his announced films.

Even though he is making profit from other businesses, he says that he got into filmmaking because of his childhood fascination. Here is the brief conversation that Celebrity Nepal had with the passionate producer Kadaria:-
Even though the first film ‘Rato Galbandi’ went flop, ‘Nago Gaun’ did a great job,what do u say ?
– ‘Rato Galbandi’ was made without sufficient preparation. Although there was a financial loss in that film, I got to learn a lot.I assume that,the bitter experience made the ‘Nango Gaun’ sweet. Probably, ‘Nango Gaun’ is the film that has been screened in the most theaters abroad simultaneously. The audience liked the film very much. Because of this, I got more encouragement.

After ‘Nango Gaun’, ‘Dukhi Aatma’ with the same film’s director and hero, ‘Nango Gaun-2’ and Dinesh Raut as the director, ‘Gaun Nai Ramailo’ has been announced. The reason for making films with the same hero and director?
– I want to make films professionally. That’s why I chose all the professionals even director to actors too. After ‘Nango Gaun’ became a hit, the audience demanded ‘Nango Gaun-2’. We also left the story of making part 2. Only director Dipendra Lama can give justice in this story. That is why you have announced ‘Nago Gaun-2’. We had planned ‘Dukhi Aatma’ before the release of ‘Nango Gaun’. In the same way, we are going to make ‘Gaun Nai Ramailo’ to highlight the fact that we should do something in our country, in our village. Actor Dayahang is the demand of the story and we khow the star value of him too.I want to spread the real picture of our society all over the world through film. That’s why I am constantly active in film production.

Dayahang Rai’s films are being shot and releasing continuously. He is in all your films. Don’t you think it’s risky ?
– All the films that are made are not hit anywhere in the world. And not all the films of any artist have become hit. The religion of an artist is to act. Dayahang Dai is doing his job. The main thing is that the film should be good. If the film is good, the audience will like it. We are tring to make good films. So no matter how many films of his releasing, I am not tensed. The audience chooses which movie to watch.

What’s your message to the new producers who want to make movie ?
– Take film production professionally. It is a vast different from other businesses. This is a creative field. Not only will you become a millionaire overnight,you may fall on the streets too. The government has not provided any facility for investment protection to film industry. On top of that, there is an unhealthy competition between Nepali films. There is a lack of feeling to accept each other’s existence, to help each other. Therefore, come only after understanding well and guaranteeing back up security. Those who work honestly will surely achieve success,Its my experience.