Kumud Pant

Kumud Pant is a well-known name in the Nepali and international artistic, modeling, and directing fields. He has been active in the industry for more than two decades and has recently become involved in social services. Kumud Pant has assisted the earthquake-affected people in Jajarkot district, supported by social worker Laxmi Bogati. Besides acting and modeling, Kumud has gained popularity in the international film industry for his impactful roles. He expressed his aspiration to fulfill his dreams based on his experiences so far.

In the upcoming days, Kumud Pant aims to continue supporting the poor, distressed, and helpless. He believes that being an actor and director in a good film requires significant skills. Kumud Pant, born in Teraute Dang Nepal is a director at Kumud Entertainment. He has acted in over 100 films, short films, music videos, and TV series. Some of his notable works include Nepali films “Hello Jindagi”director by Everest Surya Bohara

“Chaurasi Puja,” Hindi film “Choly,” and international films like “Andaaz Tera Mera” and “Love Mein.” Kumud has actively contributed to the industry as both a director and actor, making him a successful figure.

In a brief conversation with Kumud Pant:

Q: Can you introduce yourself?
A: I have spent more time working in Nepali and foreign film acting and directing. I have also directed some films. Working together with friends, I have also acted and directed in some short films

Q: Why did you choose acting?
A: I was interested in acting from my childhood. That interest led me to the field of acting. My first Nepali film, “Janma Janma,” was directed by Sital Nepal. That film provided me the opportunity to act.

Q: What kind of tasks are there in film acting?
A: In films, there are tasks like acting, dancing, and fighting. Actors need to know everything about the film.

Q: How is the current situation of Nepali cinema?
A: The current situation of Nepali cinema is better than before. Good films are still being made.

Q: Has acting made your life easier?
A: Acting is easy for me. I have subscribed to myself. Saying that everything I do is good is not right. What I enjoy doing regularly feels easy to me.

Q: What makes a good film?
A: To make a good film, the story must be good first. After that, the director and the cinematographer should create the right atmosphere. The film becomes good when the actors perform well, and the editor adds good cuts and color combinations.

Q: What achievements have you gained in the field of acting and directing in the past year?
A: Firstly, I have won everyone’s heart with my work. The biggest achievement is gaining everyone’s trust. To continually work together and gain a bigger achievement than others is the most significant achievement.

Q: What do you want to convey to the audience who are interested in film?
A: At present, the trend of making Nepali films is increasing. The future of Nepali cinema is good. It’s good to learn acting before entering the film industry.

This conversation highlights Kumud Pant’s journey in the entertainment industry and his perspectives on acting and filmmaking.