The ‘Grand Red Carpet Show’ of ‘Gurkha Warrior’ will be held in Dharan

The film ‘Gurkha Warrior’, based on the story of the success and struggle achieved by the Gurkha soldiers in Malaya War during the Second World War, is going to have a red carpet show in Dharan.

The team including director Milan Chams and executive producer Jyotiraj Rai, in a meeting with filmmakers on Thursday informed that ‘Gurkha Warrior’ will have a ‘grand red carpet show’ in Dharan on Falgun 5.

In a meeting with the filmmakers, director Chams informed that Nepali films were made with the most expensive budget in history. The executive producer of the film, Jyotiraj Rai, said that he made the film after studying very deeply how Gorkhali became Gorkhali. He said that the movie is the story of events that took place in Malaya after the Second World War. He claimed that the movie has become successful and historic in itself from various angles.

Executive producer Rai said, ‘The film has already earned money, but now all the filmmakers have to work hard to show it to every household and people.’

Executive producer Rai said that the movie will be premiered in Damak, Hetaunda, Pokhara and other cities along with Dharan.

The movie ‘Gurkha Warrior’ was shortlisted for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award. The BAFTA Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards worldwide after the Oscars. Earlier, the red carpet show was held in Britain, the production side of the film has informed that the ‘Grand Red Carpet Show’ will be held at ‘Friends Cinemas’ in Dharan on Fagun 5.

According to Director Chams, the film was premiered in ‘London’s Leicester Square’, where only Hollywood films are premiered. The film produced in IMAX format has become the first film to be addressed and congratulated by the British Prime Minister in the presence of high-profile British personalities. According to director Chams, the Korean company has taken the worldwide selling rights for 7 years and the American company is going to distribute the historical film worldwide.