Nepali Film “MEOW” is Officially Declared, Featuring Anup Bikram and Uttam

Kathmandu- The Nepali film industry is buzzing with anticipation as the highly anticipated movie, “MEOW,” is officially announced, casting Anup Bikram Shahi and Uttam Pradhan as the protagonists. The revelation, made on the auspicious occasion of Maghe Sankranti Parva in Kathmandu, has ignited fervor among cinema enthusiasts.

Presented by Jay Media Management, “MEOW” is a creative endeavor helmed entirely by Jay Raj Roy, who will not only direct the film but also take on the roles of writer and producer. While the leading actress is yet to be unveiled, Director Roy has shared intriguing details about the film’s narrative. “MEOW” promises to unravel the story of a ‘psycho killer,’ grappling with a troubled past and navigating the challenges of a mentally challenged state. The film aims to explore the character’s societal presence and the gripping circumstances that unfold, featuring unexpected twists and turns.

Adding a touch of musical brilliance to the project is South Indian film music legend AJ AliMirzaq Naushad Ali. The film will also resonate with the soulful voices of renowned South Indian playback singers Sai Vignesh and Padmalatha, celebrated for their notable contributions to films like ‘Kantara’ and ‘Thani Oruvan.’

Capturing the visual essence of “MEOW” will be the accomplished cinematographer from South Indian cinema, Akash Kumar, who takes on the crucial role of Director of Photography. Laxman Sunar joins the team as the associate director and editor, promising a seamless and visually appealing cinematic experience.

In an exciting twist, the film is set to broaden its horizons with a planned release in China, facilitated by the esteemed Chinese distributor South Asia Maritime Silk Road (Fujian) International Media Co. Ltd.

Co-producers Jaynee Khatiwada Roy, Kendra Regmi, and Prince Kumar Chaudhary, along with executive producer Neesha Khatiwada, are dedicated to ensuring the success of “MEOW.” Suman Majhi’s sound design and Sudip Bhandari’s VFX will contribute to the film’s immersive quality. As the global audience eagerly awaits, “MEOW” is poised for a worldwide release in 2024, promising a cinematic journey rich in cultural depth and thrilling storytelling.