Announcement Hindi film ‘Airi’ starring Pradeep

Kathmandu. The official announcement of the production of the first Hindi movie ‘Airi’ starring actor Pradeep Khadka has been announced. The production unit announced the movie by releasing the movie poster and motion teaser on Tuesday.

The word ‘Airi’ means hunter. In the title animation, the tiger and the claw wounds of the tiger’s claws are presented. This video has indicated that the story of the movie will be made in tiger hunting.

Apart from Hindi, Jeevan Thapa is going to direct the movie which will be dubbed in South Indian languages ​​as well. The movie is going to be made in the joint production of Subas Kale, Prasant Kumar Gupta and Rajan Kunwar. It is said that the movie to be released next year will be prepared on a big budget.